With a variety of vehicles to suit most needs, our transport service offers access to the wider community for our elderly clientele.


Who can use this service?
You must live in South Broxtowe. If you live in North Broxtowe please call Eastwood Volunteer Bureau on 01773 537892 to book transport.
If you have difficulty using public transport or have no neighbours/relatives who can drive you, then you can use our volunteer transport scheme. You must be either over 55 or have a disability. NOTE If you have your own car or use of a car, and are medically fit to drive, then you cannot use this service.

Where can I go?
Our volunteer drivers will take you locally to the doctor, dentist, our lunch club and activities at St Helen’s, shopping, hairdresser, social events, or to see a friend etc. 
Drivers can wait for up to one hour. They will return to take you home if needed. One booking means going to one place – do not embarrass the driver by asking to go to other places eg shopping, post office, bank before going home.
Primarily the hours of operation at 9 – 5 Mon to Fri.


(Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle)

Who can use the wheelchair accessible transport?
You must live in Broxtowe and have mobility difficulties.

What can it be used for?
We can arrange transport for most purposes including shopping, travelling to work, going for a meal, access to local services/support groups, GP appointments and visiting friends or family.

Where can I go?
The service generally operates in and around the Broxtowe area but can go further afield. Please ask for details. Primarily the hours of operation at 9 – 5 Mon to Fri.

Not sure which transport option is best for you or your relative? Get in touch and we’ll help you!

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