About Us

The Helpful Bureau’s main aim is to help people remain living safely and independently in their home. However, this means different things to different people depending on their circumstances. We certainly provide a lot of practical help and assistance.  


Stapleford Volunteer Bureau was formed in 1975 to operate as a traditional volunteer bureau serving Stapleford and Trowell in Nottinghamshire.

It became a company limited by guarantee in 2001.

In 2003, the trustees agreed on a radical change of approach. The organisation would no longer operate as a volunteer bureau but rather would concentrate on the organisation of service delivery in South Broxtowe working in partnership with Beeston Volunteer Centre and the local councils.

In April 2005 a trading subsidiary was established, SB2 Enterprises Limited, to expand the social enterprise activities.

In 2006 the organisation expanded its area of activities to include the areas surrounding South Broxtowe.

In 2008 Stapleford Bureau moved premises. To serviced offices in the Stapleford Care Centre, and engaged the pro bono services of a PR/Marketing consultant in preparation for a relaunch in summer 2008, to include the new name, logo and website.

A new name was agreed upon as The Helpful Bureau and a logo was designed and is now incorporated on to all PR/Marketing and stationery.

In 2011 The Helpful Bureau moved to 39-41 Church Street, Stapleford. In order to be more accessible to the public and have a more visible presence in the community. Also to be able to offer a friendly, safe and relaxed environment for any groups or activities that clients wish to arrange for themselves.

In 2012 we were registered with Nottinghamshire County Council Trading Standards and are deemed a “Buy With Confidence” trader for practical services. We are now registered as a trader for Checkatrade.

In 2013 we were awarded a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle by Broxtowe Borough Council to offer transport to the residents of Broxtowe. We currently have three trained volunteer drivers who operate this scheme.

In 2014 we were nominated as the Mayor of Broxtowe`s Charity of the Year which raised our profile in the community and some much needed extra funds.

In 2015 we were successful in securing funding for three years from Nottinghamshire County Council, Grant Aid to provide a new Mentoring and Prevention service.

In 2016 we expanded our Home Support Service and included the North of Broxtowe. This service continues to grow.

In 2017 we formed our Grumpy Old Men group, which has gone from strength to strength. We relooked at our Funding strategy and increased our Trusts & Foundations Applications.

In 2018 we were successful in receiving funding from the Local Improvement Scheme from NCC. Which partly enables us to continue with our services. However as this was a reduction than previous funding received we took the decision to relocate to smaller offices, to share with Stapleford Town Council and reduce staffing hours. However, we continue to maintain all our services and support to a high level to our clients.

Going Forward

In the next 2 – 5 years, 2018/23, we hope to:

Although the organisation has strong links with Stapleford and South Broxtowe we are conscious that there are potentially many people in the surrounding area who would benefit from the services we have to offer.  The Community Outreach Advisor highlighted that there is no service like ours in the North of the Borough.

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