Dear Friends,

First of all, thank you for continuing to support our charity, The Helpful Bureau, in these new and challenging times. We are all feeling up and down at the moment so we hope that you enjoy some of Lynda’s home-cooked dinner today with us! Even though we are not all sitting together in St Helens hall, we are all together in spirit.

We hope that you have been contacted by neighbours who are able to support you. Please let them help you, you will both feel better for it!


Help with shopping or a chemist or prescription pick up, we have ladies who can help you.  The cost for this service is £15.00. So call us in the office at 9 -3 pm, and they will call you back and discuss your need. Unfortunately, they cannot do any housework now.

Stephen is still able to do your gardening, however, he cannot take away grass cuttings or weeds as they refuse tip is now closed. He can use your brown lidded bin and/or he can pile it up neatly in a corner.


We cannot offer volunteer transport currently as our drivers are all volunteers and many are older so we need to protect them at the moment. Also, the befriending service is temporarily suspended.

Here are a few phone numbers we thought we’d share with you:

Age UK 0800 678 1602

Mind (mental health) 0300123 3393

Ester Rantzens Silver Line, call anytime for a friendly chat 0800 470 8090

Broxtowe Borough Council 0115 917 7777

Finally, we are all trying to take a moment each day, to appreciate the bird song and the spring flowers for a moment. It makes us feel a little better and we hope it helps you too.

Kind regards from the team:

Margaret - manager

Heather - assistant manager

Lynda - cook

Angela - cooks assistant

Stephen - decorating and gardening

Kaleigh - activities coordinator and transport

Katrina - transport

Becky - befriending coordinator

Home support team - Rose, Sam, Sian

PLUS our fantastic volunteers who are helping to prepare the dinner and delivering it to you.

On hand to help: Monday to Friday 9 am – 3 pm call 0115 949 1175