King Richard IIITuesday 16th June

£22.50 per person

Leaving The Helpful Bureau Office, at 9.30 am.



In the Visitor Centre, Dynasty tells the much debated story of the king’s life and times in a medieval England racked by decades of fighting in the Wars Of The Roses. Death gives visitors the chance to learn about the Battle of Bosworth and how betrayal led to the king being cut down in the thick of battle while defending his crown and his return to Leicester. Discovery unearths the astonishing story of the research, archaeology, science and painstaking analysis that led to the discovery and identification of the long-lost remains of the king.

The tomb sits within an ambulatory (a walking space) between the newly created Chapel of Christ the King at the east end of the Cathedral and the sanctuary (the most holy place, signified by the main altar) under the tower.  This is a place of similar significance to the chancel where the Grey Friars buried King Richard in their church.

This will be a peaceful space for people to visit and reflect.

Please call The Helpful Bureau on 0115 9491175 or email further details.